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25 years of EHF - Gala

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Show design Show direction Concept visualisation and storyboarding Music production and editing Idea and concept

The celebrations to mark 25 years of the European Handball Federation fused the elegance of a gala with pure handball fever. Our concept was based on the game’s own characteristics and involved the guests from the first minute on. Under the motto „Handball total!“ („All-out handball!“) we created an unforgettable experience full of dynamic excitement and fast interchanges.


From the moment the guests entered the arena to the closing fireworks set against a breath-taking backdrop, the focus was on interaction between guests and participants. Spectacular light and sound effects, acrobatic stunts and artistic show elements transported the enthralled guests to the world of handball. 


European Handball Federation

Event location:

Scalaria, St. Wolfgang, Austria

  • Approx. 400 guests
  • Show and 3-day entertainment programme

Our partners

Special thanks to Anett Sattler and Markus Floth for their enteraining presentation and Iveta Mukuchyan for her performance, much enjoyed by all present : while she sang Hall of Fame, she rose into the night sky and her dress became a projection screen for images of sporting celebration. Pure magic!