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"Die FESTE" with Florian Silbereisen

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Light sculptures Conception and realization of show effects Fountains Kabuki Flying objects Soap bubble effects Cloth effects Giant balloons/groups of balloons/balloon drop Fog and wind effects Video content production Title sequence Confetti/Streamers Pyrotechnic effects Flame effects

Show effects are as much a part of German Volksmusik as rhyming Herz with Schmerz. Since 2009, we’ve been supporting the NDR creative production team with new stagings for various TV productions. Be it Schlagerbooom, Eins der Besten or one of the numerous other shows, we present the artists in spectacular fashion and wow the audience, both in the studio and at home. Our ideas range from water projection and light sculptures through to the pyrotechnically spectacular finale. And all our effects have one thing in common: they’re 100% media-effective and TV-friendly.


MDR / B28 Produktion GmbH & Co. KG

Event location:

Dortmund, Kitzbühel, Berlin, Munich, etc.

  • Over 40 TV shows produced
  • 4-7m TV/online viewers per show
  • Live broadcast DE, AT, CH
  • Up to 20 songs per show with effects

Our partners

It’s nice to know there’s a helping hand around the corner. We’d like to thank the entire production family for all the years of great collaboration.

One particularly big thank you to our crew from Day One: Ronny Frank and Daniela Helfers, who, with their commitment, stamina and readiness to break new ground, have assisted us so ably over the years.