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Michael Patrick Kelly B•O•A•T•S  Tour

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Michael Patrick Kelly B•O•A•T•S Tour 2022

Fog and dry ice effects Confetti/Streamers Pyrotechnic effects

We were on B•O•A•T•S tour with Michael Patrick Kelly    

B•O•A•T•S stands for "Based on a true story" and so it is not surprising that the artist focuses on the stories behind the songs in his tour shows.  

With his songs, the musician wants to give hope and courage - be it with his sing-along hits like "Beautiful Madness" and "iD" or with his thoughtful ballads and a moment of silence for peace.    

Visually, the show scores with grandiose stage designs, like the staging of the iconic album cover: Michael Patrick Kelly in a yellow boat in the fog and a yellow flag while performing the title song.    

Our show effects are part of the impressive staging of Michael Patrick Kelly's music and we are looking forward to implement them for the next B•O•A•T•S tour dates starting in 2023. 

header, first row right, second row both: Viktor Schanz (IG: @viktorschanz / viktor-schanz.de) / St. Robo
first row left: Shanti Tan (IG: @shotbyshanti)


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